Anesthesia Monitoring and Safety Equipment
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Anesthesia Machines

We have two of the new Pureline M6000 anesthetic machines with isoflurane vaporizers, the highest standard in anesthesia equipment.

These innovative machines have oxygen concentrators, which make them much more mobile in case we need to transport the patient while under anesthesia (for example, to take an Xray).

They are equipped with a back-up oxygen tank for added safety.

Cardell Monitor

The Cardell monitor allows us to consistently see and hear the heartbeat, as well as monitor blood pressure and blood oxygen concentration (pulse-ox).

Hot Dog Warming System
We use a top of the line product for safe thermal support during our procedures under anesthesia.

Fluid Pump

For any anesthetic procedure, we require an intravenous (IV) catheter to be placed. This access to a peripheral vein allows us to administer fluids or other medications as needed to maintain the patient’s vital readings within the safest parameters. With a fluid pump, we can set a steady fluid rate to maintain the patient’s blood pressure, and we can easily adjust the rate as needed.

Anesthesia Sheet

We record the progress of the anesthesia at regular intervals. Having a visual illustration of the vital parameters helps with pattern recognition and identifying trends to adjust anesthetic depth and maintain a safe anesthesia procedure.