Teahupoo, (pronounced “cho- poo”) is a 4 year old male Coton De Tulear who stoically underwent ACL repair surgery (called CCL in veterinary medicine- cranial cruciate ligament) on his right knee at Companion Pet Care. He was a champion for the procedure and is an example that, despite a major injury, it is possible to always be in a bright, happy, tail wagging spirit. To aid in his recovery we also injected platelet rich plasma (PRP) into the surgical knee, as well as his other knee. Statistics show that after one CCL rupture, there is a 50% chance of the other rupturing within one year. We salute you for your braveness and keep up the good work, Teahupoo!



She had one knee surgery in the past and now is currently healing from her second knee surgery despite the long recovery.
Penny has been the bravest and best patient. We all love her here.