Save on Dental Care

Studies show that between 60% and 80% of all pets over the age of three have periodontal disease and need immediate dental care.

The overall health of your pet can be seriously affected by neglected oral hygiene.  The bacteria found in the mouth, which causes bad breath, can result in seriously diseased teeth and gums.  From the mouth, the same bacteria can travel to and infect the intestines (causing periodic diarrhea), liver, kidneys, and heart, which can result in premature deterioration of these vital organs.

If early tartar formation is removed by proper prophylactic teeth cleaning and proper home care, your pet will be healthier, live longer, and have less bad breath.

The process to have your pet’s teeth cleaned is simple.  Call to make an appointment. Your pet will receive a dental exam along with a blood test prior to the procedure to check for any underlying problems.  The procedure can be scheduled for several days later.  If the tests are normal, a general anesthetic is given. By performing a blood test, providing IV fluids and using the safest anesthetic medications, the risks of anesthesia are minimized.

Your pet’s teeth are scaled, removing plaque and tartar, and then polished.  Particular attention is given to “hidden” problems under the gum line.  If we find any additional problems we will call you with further recommendations. After the procedure your pet is discharged on the same evening with better smelling breath and, more importantly, a more comfortable mouth.

The Dental Special includes 15% off included dental cleaning services

 This special discount expires March 31st.  It does not include x-rays, extractions or oral antibiotics/pain medications for home use, and must be paid in full at the time of the exam.  It may not be combined with any other discounts and none of the above items may be deleted.  Your pet must be current on all vaccines.   Please call us for an appointment at 760-942-1220.  This special is also available for new clients so please tell your pet-owning friends!