Welcome to Companion Pet Care

Dear friends and family of Companion Pet Care,

As some of you may now know, Companion Pet Care is now under new ownership. We are excited to introduce to you Dr. Ted Burghardt, the new resident doctor of Companion Pet Care. Since October, Dr. Ted Burghardt has worked along side Dr. Nancy Bushnell and Dr. Gerry Soifer, and in March the exciting news of the change in ownership came to fruition. Dr. Nancy Bushnell and Dr. Gerry Soifer have worked very hard these past 40 years and have left a lasting legacy here in Encinitas and in our hearts. As bittersweet as their announcement of retirement has been, we couldn't be happier for both doctors as they can now enjoy some well deserved time off doing what they are passionate about (traveling and diving).  As staff we feel very honored to have worked for them for so long, but we are more than excited to start a new chapter with Dr. Ted Burghardt! 

Dr. Burghardt is now working to build his own legacy here and has quickly become part of the family. He has been well received by our clients and more importantly, their furry family members. We understand that change can be shocking and sometimes hard, but we promise to always give you the same service and compassion that you are used to! For clients old and new, we hope to always be a home away from home for your furry friend! 

Thank you for your support thus far, we look forward to seeing you soon! 

All the best, 

Your friends at Companion Pet Care 

Sonja, Allie, Rachel, Saya, Angela, Valerie, Kayla, and DD