Hello I’m McQueen. My mom and I have been seeing Dr. Bushnell for over ten years, so when we heard about her retirement, we were very very sad. I was nervous to see a new doctor at first, but I quickly came to like Dr. Burghardt (and the treats he gave me). He was really nice to my mom and made her feel comfortable and confident in the doctors recommendations and treatment plans. We will definitely be back!


Dr. Burghardt is a natural! He was so good with my high energy puppy and very attentive and responsive to all my questions. I appreciated him taking the time to listen, and it’s always comforting to realize when a vet truly enjoys his job. We’ll definitely be clients for life!

Mitts and Sammy

Hi I’m Marty Horst, and I want to tell you a little bit about my experience at the wonderful animal hospital in Encinitas, Companion Pet Care. The hospital is now under new ownership and being led by Dr. Ted Burghardt. Dr. Ted has not only been my trusted veterinarian for many years now, but also has been a good friend. The staff is incredibly kind, courteous, and knowledgeable. They are happy to attend and answer any type of question, big or small. Dr. Ted has been a wonderful doctor for my beloved animals and I have always trusted his methods. Working with Dr. Ted and his team is always a great experience!


I can’t say enough about Dr. Ted.
He has gone above and beyond what most vets do. When I had a dog that couldn’t travel he traveled to us. My current dog has had 2 surgeries for hip dysplasia performed by Dr. Ted.
He’s pretty amazing. Other vets would tell you what they thought your pet needed and I would always walk away feeling uneasy. With Dr. Ted I’ve never felt anything but complete trust that he knows what’s best. He truly cares about your pets.
Thank you Dr. Ted for everything ,
Your the best !!!